About Financial Rescue

Financial Rescue offers a simple, streamlined alternative to lodging and managing a complaint yourself. We’ll handle your dispute from start to finish. We fill the knowledge gap with the skills and expertise needed to effectively resolve your dispute.

Our mission is to help clients recover investment losses caused by bad financial advice. We use our knowledge, skills and experience to ensure consumers are treated fairly in financial advice disputes. 

Financial Rescue was founded in 2009. Financial Rescue received a referral to a young disabled woman who had lost her insurance compensation on the advice of a rogue financial planner. We assisted the young lady, pursuing the licensee responsible for the advice and successfully recovering lost funds. We were able to arrange reinstatement of a full Centrelink disability pension, allowing the young woman to get on with her life debt-free. 

Financial Planning
"My accident injuries were traumatic and life altering, but I could accept that accidents happen. but to have someone steal everything at such a vulnerable time, filled me with an incredible fear of a future of living with a disability in poverty."

Since then, Financial Rescue has continued to receive referrals to clients who have suffered investment loss due to bad financial advice. The company has rapidly expanded into a team of experts with specialist knowledge in financial products, compliance, dispute resolution and claims management.

Most financial planners do a good job and are upset by the occasional rogues they come across. Financial planners are a regular source of referrals for Financial Rescue as they seek to help their clients they sometimes identify inappropriate advice and then refer them to Financial Rescue to assess and manage any claim.

We help our clients to understand and quantify their investment loss, and support them where they have a genuine claim. We will provide the expertise and experience needed to help them get a fair outcome.

We will help the financial planning profession by assisting to repair the damage done by rogue financial planners and ensuring that instances of bad financial advice do not recur.

If you are a financial planner, legal or finance professional and need advice, please visit our Advisor Info page