Referring to Financial Rescue

The majority of financial planners do a good job and have their clients best interests at heart. They are upset by the occasional rogues they come across and the damage they have done. Financial planners are a regular source of referrals for Financial Rescue. Sometimes financial planners identify inappropriate advice and then refer their client to Financial Rescue to assess and manage any claim. 

If you have a referral or wish to discuss a financially distressed client that you have come across please call us on 1300 095561. 

Why is Financial Rescue requesting a client file?

Where we have the full file including file notes we are able to make an assessment and advise our client early if there is a reasonable basis for a claim or not. Supplying documents quickly can enable us to advise you more quickly if there is likely to be a claim. The Corporations Act requires that clients be able to obtain a copy of their documents so delaying the process simply increases everyone’s frustration level and makes an amicable outcome less likely. 

Our aim is to help the financial planning profession by assisting to repair the damage done by rogue financial planners and ensuring that instances of bad financial advice do not recur. Our process also helps clients who have not had bad advice understand why they might have suffered investment losses anyway.