You may have grounds for a claim

You may have been the victim of a financial planner who didn’t listen to your goals or concerns, who pushed you to invest more than you were comfortable with, who didn’t take the time to explain your investments and the risks involved, who lost your hard earned money. 

If you’ve encountered a planner like this, chances are they’ve made you feel insignificant. They’ve told you it was your own fault, that you should have known better or asked more questions, or that their advice was reasonable. You may think that your money is lost forever and that you have to start again from scratch. This may not be the case. There are measures in place to protect you from rogue advisers. By engaging Financial Rescue, we will act as your representative throughout the dispute proceedings and negotiations. 

We are on your side and are working to achieve the best possible outcome for you. By engaging a third-party complaints management service such as Financial Rescue, you can reduce the stress you would otherwise face by handling your own complaint. Financial Rescue has dedicated resources available to investigate your claim, calculate your losses and compile a comprehensive report to send to your financial planner. 

Do I have a claim?

The first step to recovering your money is to establish whether or not you have a claim. This in itself can be quite a difficult task. If your adviser recommended that you invest in inappropriate investments and you lost money because of this, you may have a claim. If you’re not sure if you have a claim, contact Financial Rescue, and we’ll be able to help you find out.

You may have been subject to a financial planner who didn’t listen to your goals or concerns, who pushed you to invest more than you were comfortable with, who didn’t take the time to explain your investments and the risks involved,... who lost your hard earned money.

How do I make a claim?

Once we’ve established that you have a claim, we will need to work out how much money you have lost and put together a solid argument on why we believe your financial planner should compensate you. 

Steps to making a claim

Initially a complaint is filed with the licensee that gave the advice. The licensee has 45 days to provide a response. If the response is not satisfactory then the complaint can be lodged with The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). 

These bodies provide free dispute resolution for consumers. There are no fees or costs to use AFCA. Financial Rescue will then manage the dispute through to a final outcome with the Ombudsman. This may include conciliation, recommendation or determination depending on the specific dispute and the parties involved. 

Can I make a claim myself?

Using Financial Rescue to lodge a complaint is not essential. If you have the right knowledge and confidence, and are prepared to take the time, you can manage a complaint yourself. 

AFCA is free to consumers and you don’t need Financial Rescue or anyone else to represent you. 

If you don’t feel confident handling your own complaint, or would prefer to have someone less emotionally invested oversee your dispute, Financial Rescue is for you. Financial Rescue offers a simple, streamlined alternative to lodging and managing a complaint yourself. 

We’ll handle your dispute from start to finish. We fill the knowledge gap with the skills and expertise needed to effectively resolve your dispute.

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"I hadn’t been sleeping properly for ages. I use to wake up and be all scared and I was honestly that humiliated, I just couldn’t lose my home, it was all I had. I am so grateful that Financial Rescue got my money back."